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- I read books -

- I watch TV Series -

- I obsess -

- I drink tea -

- I am a nerd -

- I am proud of it -

murderer: okay so basically i'm going to kill you-
me: cool but i gotta finish this last fanfic chapter first
murderer: i don't think-
me: oh my lord there's this movie i have to watch do you wanna watch too?
murderer: well-
me: it's got tom hiddleston in it don't you like him? he's so attractive
murderer: um
me: oh and before i die you gotta delete my computer's hardrive okay? that's important
murderer: but-
me: crap i haven't written my will who will i give my Avengers action figures too?
murderer: why are you asking me-
me: i mean obviously thor and loki have to go to the same person we can't separate them
me: they'd be so lonely poor bbs wait that reminds me of this fanfiction i read
murderer: you know what i'm just gonna let myself out.




*standing ovation*


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